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What you really need

"best fit" rather than "best practice".

For this reason, my advice helps you to develop individual solutions, geared towards your personal and professional future and/or your organisation’s vision of the future. 


"… it's about followership …"

The future needs leaders! Leadership in the digital age means establishing followership. The "analog" principle that "better management brings better results" continues to apply. To this end, you receive two things from me:

Individual support in three stages

  1. "A look in the mirror": assessment of personal leadership competencies; analysis of where you stand in terms of your approach to the digital environment
  2. Roadmap: definition of objectives, rules, experiments to learn
  3. Implementation with personal support on an equal footing through coaching and mentoring

Impetus for your team through specially designed workshops:

  • Digital competence as a team
  • Purpose-based vision – "our shared direction"
  • Team development: value-oriented and behaviour-based

Read the experience of Mel Ross, Adapt2Digital.


"… it’s about the combination of the new with the tried and tested …"

A completely new set-up? Change management? Transformation? Holacracy? Flatter hierarchy? Agile and adaptive working practices? Or ideally a little of everything?

I help you to form a clear picture of where your organisation currently stands, how it should look in the future and the right steps to take in this direction. For this purpose, you receive from me:

  1. A detailed analysis of your organisational structure, the most important processes and systems, values and attitudes
  2. Individual advisory and workshop sessions on topics such as:
  • Development of organisational models for the future
  • Identification of corporate purpose, values and objectives
  • Measures to adapt critical processes and systems
  • Planning and implementation of transformation processes

Read the experience of Viktor Riedl, Eli Lilly & Company.

HR strategy

"… it's the people, stupid!"

Without people, without human capital, there is no business. How do I remain successful as an employer, as a manager, in an employment market that includes Millennials as well as older generations?

Working together with you, I develop an HR strategy tailored to your needs as an integrated part of your corporate/business strategy. This we achieve in several steps:

  • Analysis - where do you stand and what do you already have?
  • Future position - where do you want to be?
  • Priorities - what is most important for you?
  • Resources - what do you already have and what do you need?
  • Action plan - how do you plan to proceed further with your teams?

Read the experience of Herbert Stepic, Raiffeisen Bank International.


"… it is only through the will of people that technology becomes successful …"

Only Human plus Technology equals success! State-of-the-art, digitally stirred technology meets the Homo Sapiens model, with its human behaviour and habits. This can become a true "clash of realities", in which seemingly well-established principles of HR management as it has been practiced until now no longer function. In addition, there are constantly other – smaller and larger – problems in the daily HR work.

In each instance, I can provide potential solutions based on my experience.

In a somewhat "different" form of coaching, I advise managers and executives on employee issues and HR management topics. In an in-depth discussion, with my inputs, you develop your potential solutions.

Depending on the nature and scope of the issue, I offer:

  • Telephone discussions
  • Video conferencing
  • An in-person discussion
  • Individual support over a longer period

Read the experience of Klemens Breuer, Bankhaus Lampe.

HR processes

"… thoughts and attitudes determine our actions …"

Well-established today, obsolete tomorrow! State-of-the-art technologies don’t remedy shortcomings in processes. Consequently, the brand new digital tool launched today cannot be the solution of tomorrow if the underlying processes and mindsets are not the right ones.

What is important to the people – employees, customers, business partners, stakeholders – involved in your organisation? I evaluate the HR processes that are most important for you, from human resources planning, recruiting, performance management and employee development through to remuneration, and identify weak points and optimization potential.

Read the experience of Aris Bogdaneris, ING.

Interim management and other

"… interim management, an opportunity for something new …"

Covering vacancies, creating additional capacity, managing crises, or introducing an external viewpoint: Situations arise in companies time and again in which temporary expert support can be helpful.

Based on many years of experience in senior HR roles, I can offer flexible support to create HR value for a business, including by becoming temporarily integrated into the organisation.

Read the experience of Hessel Kaastra, LeasePlan Österreich, Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH.

Discussion brought to life

Generating new ideas and concepts requires discussion and candour. I welcome the opportunity to give presentations and talks, or to hold discussions with you and your employees, or with your customers and stakeholders. My central focus is on leadership in the digital age, covering all of the aspects that affect people and organisations. I’m happy to share my experience gained from 30 years in international HR and help build the bridge to the future.

The smartbird offer supports a digital future in which people remain the focus.

Rudolf Vogl

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